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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bringin' Blogs Back Like A Yo-Yo

I was going to post the Mental video but I figure you have all seen it by now so here is the world debut of an old Fucked Up video.

It's been a hella long time since this shit has had an update but the streets been calling (actually just Josh, but he is 1/8th homeless so it still counts) and I've got a shit ton to say still so I'm back like Jigga. And what a perfect way to segue into the first item of business...

'Tis the season of the huge rap records coming out and I'm in no way pretending to an expert in this field (that link is meant to be facetious) but I did grow up in Riverdale so I think I know a thing our two about the rap game. I'm not not going to waste anymore room on the world wide web giving my opinion about the Clipse record or the new Ghostface or the new Nas (but for real what the hell is up with the song where he raps like a 40's style detective?). Because let's be honest, does the world really need another WASP offering his opinion on this shit? I will however offer my two cents on my man Hova. Kingdom Come is the best EP of this year.
"But Damian," you say, "first off it's a full-length and secondly it sucks." And you are right on both counts. It does run the length of a full length and when looked at as a whole it ain't so hot but this is not to say there aren't some great songs on it. So, I offer that with some edits you actually have one your hands one hell of a Mini-album. So load that thing into your itunes and start trimming the fat. First off, anything with a lame MOR alt. rock singer gets cut on principle. Actually, cut anything with a guest on it except Lost Ones and Dig A Hole. Then cut out all the other lamer songs (how many songs do you need about coming out of retirement?) This is the track listing I came up with and it kills:

1) OH MY GOD: What a way to start an ep off. This song is the jump off. Best use of a Sir Mix A-Lot sample. Minor points taken off for a reference to emo music but no ones perfect.

2) KINGDOM COME: Let the man have his moment to explain his return. Weird references to his return being like the return of Christ and superheros (rappers retire like superheros die; ie. they don't)

3) LOST ONES: I'm glad this was the second single. It is a great rap balled lementting lost friendships, loves and family.

4) TROUBLE: Who doesn't love a rapper bemoaning his lot in life? Jay-Z doesn't think he is better then anyone else he admits we are all the same. Wisdom that can only come from a man in his 30's.

5) DIG A HOLE: What a way to finish. A thinking man's dis-song. Rugged shit. "The only time you went platumin was when you wore my chain around your neck." This is scary in the same way that Ghostwatch was scary. Sure it's not as bloody and gory as a film like Cannibal Holocaust but it hits you on another level. Like when your parents would be mad at you but they wouldn't yell they would just stay perfectly calm... that shit is scary.

Talkin' So Much Shit You Can Smell Me Over There.
Since no one seems to have acknowledged how lame this shit is it is up to me I guess. The Jesus of the indie rock world, the Gossip announced the other day that they are now signed to Sony. They have joined the ranks of many other heroes of the indie rock world that jumped to the majors "to help spread their message" to the masses. At first I was shocked that there had been so little outcry about this shit but then I remembered that these indie rock bands' shit doesn't stink and as such they can do no wrong even if they are greedy scumbags. Well, we can all be pray that they end up going the way of their Olympia peers and fall on the fucking faces. Political indie rock is the fakest genre to ever fake. But the worst thing about it is their cover of Aaliyah rules... fuck.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yeah, I meant to say...

For some reason my other new post loaded under the OG juggalo post so if you want some "news you can use" check there.

How do you tell your wife to be that you want to be a polygamist?

This is a quick addendum to the last post. The video is in no way connected to the article except for the fact that they both serve to illustrate the insanity of an certain American youth culture. Lastly, I want to offer a better explanation of the whole "America's answer to black metal" thing. I was certainly not comparing the quality of music of the two genres. I was more comparing the fact that black metal saw the incorporation of elements of historical Norwegian culture into the music, creating a rebellious youth culture that wholly embraced its cultural heritage. Black Metal was a product of cultural awareness. The same can be said for Juggalo culture. But America did not have a history of Vikings and pagan mythology to inform its culture. Its culture is the product of the waste of mass-produced entertainment: violent video games, porno, professional wrestling, heavy metal, beer ads, Saturday morning cartoons, gangster rap and slasher films (I should add that I am in no way looking down upon all of this stuff; in fact I would be lying if I said that this stuff doesn't inform my own personal culture [in a different way of course, but only by the grace of god go I]).

So, much in the same way black metal reflected the cultural history imposed on the youth in Norway by a manufactured historical national awareness back at the ones who imposed it, Juggalo culture is forcing America to face the results of its "trash" culture. In both cases the interpretation of the culture by these groups has resulted in anti-social behaviour. In the case of black metal, it was manifested in the destruction of churches brought on by a return to ancestrial faiths and in racism resulting from a sense of ethnic superiority. With Juggalos it has been drug abuse, teen sex and violence. In both cases the dominant cultures have reacted in horror and fear at what they have produced and have generalized all participants in the culture by its worst elements. It is in this way that Juggalo is the American black metal.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The "Juggalo" Problem....

While I would never say that I'm in the position to judge anyone else's subculture... to me, this shit is insane:

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Police are on the lookout for members of a machete-wielding gang in angry clown make-up after a rampage of robbery and violence that left nearly two dozen people injured in a park in western Washington state. The group, who said they were "juggalos," devotees of the Detroit-based rap-metal group Insane Clown Posse, attacked and robbed visitors to Fort Steilacoom Park while shouting "Woo, woo, juggalo!" to each other, according to court documents. Prosecutors in Pierce County south of Seattle charged three people with assault and robbery last week, but police in the City of Lakewood said they are searching for another eight to 10 suspects who took part.According to police reports, some members of the gang wore black hooded sweatshirts or clown make-up and told victims they would "cut their heads off" with machetes. They stole cash, wallets and cell phones, the reports said."We don't see too many attacks like this," said Lakewood police Lt. Dave Guttu.Juggalos often dress in black and wear clown face paint.

Part of me thinks that this is the worst shit of all time (juggalos that is) but to be completely honest another part of me think it is amazing. This is the American answer to blackmetal. It is everything that is horrible and wonderful about American culture all rolled into chubby kids in face paint. One day America will have to gave upon its juggalo children and come to accept this is what their culture has produced. They are the nuclear waste of the Pepsi generation.

Also, as a side note: Turbonegro fans are the juggalos of punk. Discuss. (Asscobra is an amazing record)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

News You Can Use...

Taken from the infamous From a time when the Canadian
Music Industry actually put of good records. If any one has an extra copy of this that
they a whiling to part with, I'll trade you something good for it.

It's been a while since we've heard anything new from the old Righteous Jams camp... in fact people were beginning to notice that they were playing the same 12 songs (good songs, mind you) at every show. Well the time to rejoice is now. RJ has finished recording their new lp, "Business As Usual", last week. This new joint will see an October release on Abacus for the cd and on Lockin' Out for the true music fan's preferred format. When I was in New York, Scace (bass player) played me some demos of the LP tracks and they sounded sick (not that I really doubted them but when the principle song writer has such questionable tastes in workout music, one tends to be a little skeptical). One of the things that has me most stoked about this new record is the fact that it is being recorded at Atomic! Studios with Dean Baltulonis. As I noted in the now departed Killer Man, my only complaint about Rage Of Discipline was the production but this time around, working with a guy who has had such experience in the genre handling the boards, you have to think that won't be an issue. When asked about the record, Joey C (singer) simply said that they were "swingin' for the fences with this one." So with that being said thus begins the wait for the release. And keeping with an RJ theme...

Observers used to be this band, but now they are a bunch of scabs...

Bands come and they go and sometimes this end comes too soon. Such was the case with The Observers. While in Europe last summer, tensions in the band got too strained and all the members, save one, quit and the Observers ceased to exist. And that was the end of that. Having given us a couple great 7"s and a classic Lp, they were to be yet another case of what could have been. At the very least, they could rest secure in the knowledge that they had left behind one hell of a legacy... But this is hardcore and much like the killer in a slasher film or a superhero in a comic book, bands rarely stay dead. It appears, in the ultimate of classy moves, the one remaining member has seen it fit to recruit a whole new band and begin touring out under "The Observers" moniker once again. Yes, "The Observers" are back to prove that even though the band breaks up it does not mean that one guy can't restart the band and dance all over its legacy. In addition to whatever new recording this band has to offer, Deranged will also be reissuing all the old material. This of course presents a messy situation with the ex-members, but fear not. The word on the street is that the ex-members have just been totally cut out of the picture. Of course if the rumors about the rest of the original band being screwed over isn't true I take it all back, but if it is true we all hope someone bootlegs that shit and in the meantime you take a listen to the non-necrophiliac members other bands.

Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm With You... Against Them.

I've been a fan of Mr. Bill Florio for a while through his columns in the ol' punk rag, but it was when he went after the hippy-beardo-emo-joke band Against Me! that he truly ascended in my eyes to the level of hero. In addition to being a writer and crusader against bullshit, he also has performed in some bands over the years. This is a short he made and it is likely the best movie ever to be filmed in New York (much love to Colin Tappe for the heads up on this thing) :

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I have a girlfriend so it's ok to like wrestlin'... right?

Yo... I know it's staged but this is straight-up brutality.... you can't fake the head smashing on the floor or the blood loss:

Friday, June 23, 2006

"Bonds of Friendship" cover as a tattoo.

This was the original cover for the The Prowl 7" on Painkiller. According to Cooch of PK, it couldn't be reproduced properly. Art by: Alex Ochs of The Strikers

You know how I promised last time that the next post would be the h100s thing? Well I'm a fucking liar. I don't have a scanner at work and I'm still figuring out how to host MP3 (I got some ill h100s shit to post) so it's taking a bit of time to get that shit done. In the meantime (yo, how sick in the Meanstreak song on "Only The Strong" Comp? Actually, how sick is Victory # 1 to 5 ? Incredibly fucking sick! Fuck Jay, CC and Cooch.), here is some of the standard blog filler fare: reviews and news.

For the first two reviews we turn to the world of Myspace. Apparently, it's good for more then just a place for mature acting kids to meet cool adults; now bands have taken to posting their latest jams on there so kids can hear them and then not buy the CD or record when it comes out because now they're used to getting shit for free.

Alexisonfire: Boiled Frogs

Alexisonfire have recently finished work on what will be their third record: "Crisis". And while I'm not going to pretend I've been into all of their stuff, I've always thought they produced some jams (White Devil on the last record being a prime example of a said "jam") but this new song is, straight-up, amazing. The thing that does it for me is the use of the three vocals. My biggest problem with the purveyors of this style (in addition to the grade 9 diary style lyrics, the abysmal fashion sense and haircuts) has always been the fact that the vocals never seem to fit. Either the harsh vocal or the pretty vocal always seems out of place and totally unnecessary. And while Alexisonfire have never committed any of the fashion or lyrical crimes of the genre, they have been guilty a few times in the past of this vocal problems, in my opinion. On this new song, every vocal seems essential and thusly the whole things gels together. I seriously think this is my summer jam. The record is due out at the end of August.

Cold World: Gods And Earths

I can remember the first time I heard... I mean, really heard "Cold World". I was with a friend who happened to have an advance copy of "Ice Grillz". While I already had the first 7" and had seen them live, it wasn't til I heard this that I really got it. "Ice Grillz" managed to be catchy and infectious while still being heavy. It also managed to walk the very, very thin line of having a rap influence and not falling into the danger zone. Having seen them a few time since then I have come to the conclusion that they are one of the most exciting and important bands of this era. With all this being said, there is no way this song could no live up to the hype I have placed on it. That is not to say that it is not a really good song, because it is. I have just put so much pressure on this song, it was down in the count to start with. In fact the more I listen to it the more insane it becomes. It has R&B vocals, a Japanese restaurant-like guitar part, an organ, weird backup vocal parts... actually fuck it, I take it back: this song is amazing. This is off of their up coming split with War Hungry, then they will hopefully record an lp that will no doubt blow up and then you can brag to your friends about how you knew them way back when.

For the next two reviews we turn to two bands' that both have newly released CD anthologies. In both cases, they serve to collect all of their, now out of print, vinyl releases that has proceeded their long delayed lps:

Violent Minds: "ST" - CD (Parts Unknown Records)

The Violent Minds' CD collects the songs from both the "self-titled" (My War) and "Riot" (Parts Unknown) 7"s as well as the song "Hit List" from the "Town of Hardcore" comp 7". While I certainly have no complaint about the music (because, let's face, Violent Minds have put out some fairly flawless records), I do have some complaints with the layout of the CD. First off, the pictures of the record covers in the booklet are pixelated. Secondly is the fair bit of revisionist history going on in the liner notes. Third is the fact that it says that Violent Minds is one set of dudes but then has photos of different bunch of dudes and, to top it off, none of any these dudes, with the exception of Zach, played on any of the songs on the CD. All these complaints aside, if you don't have the records you need this shit... and even if you do, it's worth getting to have all of these songs in one place. Parts Unknown is also now slated to be releasing the forever delayed "Eyes of Death"12" at the end of the summer followed by a second 12" shortly there after.
Here is one of the songs from the CD (originally on "Riot" 7") :

Violent Minds - DNYR

Razzle Dazzle: "Both" - CD (Lockin' Out Records)

(this is 7" art not the CD art... and it's "blown up" so that is why it's pixelated)

On the Rzl Dzl you find the five tracks from the limited "Five" 5" (Broken Glass) as well as the five tracks from the "Demo Revisited 7" (Lockin' Out). For those who haven't had the good fortune to hear this band, they are a, straight up, fun band. I have to be honest and say that I never really appreciated them until I got this CD. Hatched from the minds of Will and Haroun (who is in the current Violent Minds line-up), RZL DZL have one of the most unique vibes going. All the songs are really well written fast, moshy hardcore and the lyrics are bananas (songs about getting high, how awesome they are, etc.) with the requisite lifts of rap lyrics and, bare none, the best mosh calls ever. This makes me want to sellout and get lifted on some sess to get in on the fun. The only sketchy thing about the whole thing is the rap/rock song... you can tell that they were going for a Beastie Boys thing but it comes off more Sum 41, but as bad as that sounds it actually is still kinda rad. As far as layout goes, it looks cool and sticks to the bands vibe but it could have done with a little more in the content department (would have loved a lyric sheet or an essay on why they are so into the number 5 or about the alien they claim writes the songs... this is the shit we gotta know) but it looks sick all the same. RZL DZL have been talking about their upcoming lp, "Simply Saucers", for a while now. I have no idea if it is even recorded yet but I'll tell you one thing: that jam is going to blow the house down.
Here is one of the songs from the CD (originally on the "Five" 5"):

Spice Packs

News You Can Use:
This is a new feature...

-I heard the complete Mind Eraser's "Glacial Reign" and it's a doozy (in the good way). It makes "Cave" sound like a New Found Glory record. Gone is a lot of the late 80's NYHC vibe, replaced by a real early death metal vibe.
"Well I'll tell you one thing, its painful to listen to," vocalist Justine said when asked to describe the record, "bad vibe all around."
Record of the Year? In this fat motherfuckers's opinion: hell yes. If you haven't peeped the two mp3s up on the Painkiller site, DO IT.

Abuse Excuse

The record comes out on June 27th but probably won't be in stores/distros for a little while after but you can pick up at one of the shows on the Mind Eraser tour:
June 27, 2006 Allston, MA @ Regeneration Records w/ Look Back And Laugh, Army Of Jesus, Blank Stare
Weds 6/28 Albany, NY
Thurs 6/29 Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 6/30 Chicago, IL w/ Iron Lung
Sat 7/1 St Louis, MO
Sun 7/2 Minneapolis, MN w/ Iron Lung
Mon 7/3 somewhere between MN and WA
Tues 7/4 somewhere between MN and WA
Weds 7/5 Seattle, WA
Thurs 7/6 Portland, OR
Fri 7/7 San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
Sat 7/8 SoCal
Sun 7/9 San Diego, CA
Mon 7/10 Ventura, CA
Tues 7/11 Los Angeles, CA
Weds 7/12 Phoenix, AZ
Thurs 7/13 San Antonio, TX
Fri 7/14 Austin, TX
Sat 7/15 Mobile, AL
Sun 7/16 Nashville, TN
Mon 7/17 Richmond, VA
Tues 7/18 NJ/NYC

-Urban Blight is playing out again. With the addition of a new bass player (Derek from Keep It Up) and the fact Laxton is no longer in Dirty BS, the Blight have started playing shows again and hopefully the long promised 12"ep is not too far behind (I have been told by the end of the summer). They are one of the best bands from this town. For those who don't know:
A true Goin' Down The Road/ Midnight Cowboy type vibe: a young man moves to the city, is frightened by people smoking and the big buildings and forms a band to vent about it. Country bumpkin meets Negative Fx.